1/27 Payment Systems

1/27 Payment System's brand story and booklet design

1/27 Payment Systems

1/27 Payment Systems is a credit card processing company that provides technology and service solutions for local merchants. Started in 2001, 1/27 not only creates value by their services, but they are also an active part of the community by supporting local charities.

Although 1/27 had a brand, they didn't have a story to tell. All their customers are involved with some kind of trade that does "things in the real world": mechanics, hair salons, veteneriants. For 1/27, it was crucial to make their services tangible for their customers.
The Button

The solution I found was to create the 1/27 Button. The button works as a reminder of all the services that 1/27 Payment System provides to their clients. A tangible reminder that is clear to understand, each section is represented by its icon, and it is "fully operational" only when 1/27 is selected. Many companies could provide these services, but only 1/27 can provide them all with professionalism and efficiency.

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