2013 Xcavenger App

2013 Scavenger mobile app game UI design.


Xcavenger was a mobile app project developed for the Florida Atlantic University's Graphic Design in Mobile Apps course (GRA 4932C) in 2013. Class taught by Brittany Schade. Also in the team: Charmie Pujalt.

The project was a first-of-its-kind for the university, where three different colleges (Computer Science & Engineering, Business, and Arts & Letters) collaborated together to develop fully functional mobile applications, with educational, or commercial potential.

Xcavenger was a GPS-based game app, where users received "hunts" by completing tasks, and photographing items. By completing lists, they earned exclusive offers by local restaurants in their area.

The UX and UI of Xcavenger reflects its audience: urban, engaged college students, looking for experiences while purchasing every day items. While our primary focus was local restaurants, our goal was to expand this scavenger hunt approach to purchasing for retail as well.

It became clear that since the app was a scavenger hunt game app, that the branding had to make use of the universal symbol of treasure finding: the "X" on a map.

By creating the "X" shape into isometric, crossing shapes, I was able to expand the meaning of the logo to also signify the adventures and paths the user would take while hunting for Xcavengers!     

The act of looking down on your phone while hunting is reflected by the dark colors and pavement texture. The contrasting bright orange color is the reward to your hunt: something fun and exciting you stumbled upon.
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