2014 Engineers Week: Making Waves

2014 Engineers Week T-Shirt design for Florida Atlantic University's department of Engineering and Computer Science.

Florida Atlantic University's departme​nt of Engineering and Computer Design approached me to create a T-Shirt design for their local 2014 Engineers Week.
Enginneers Week 2014
Enginneers Week is a national educational week, where institutions celebrate "how engineers make a difference in our world, increase public dialogue about the need for engineers and bring engineering to life for kids, educators, and parents." (discovere.org)
The 2014 theme was Let's Make a Difference. Since FAU's University wide marketing slogan was Making Waves, it was clear that both visions could merge to create a unique theme.

The source of inspiration was this beautiful image pulled from Popular Science Monthly Volume 13, June 1878, from the article Water-Waves and Sound-Waves by Joseph Norman Lockyer.
The illustration (Fig. 8) was used to graphically represents what goes on in a so-called sound-wave. By creating one sigle wavy line, and multiplying it, he represented graphically "the backward-and-forward oscillation of the particles".

What I did was to repurpose the image and reenact Prof. Weinhold's demonstration on how particle of air appear to be in motion, in typographic form.
Here's how Weinhold's demonstration works: 
This basic scientific experiment, nodded to two important things: the legacy of scientific visual communication, and to marine engineering.
Ocean and Mechanical Engineering  is one of FAU's unique departments, where undergraduates and graduates solve "engineering problems associated with working in the ocean environment and wisely exploring and harnessing the ocean's resources." (FAU-OME). 
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