2014 FAU Faculty Areas of Expertise

2014 Faculty Expertise Ares booklet design for Florida Atlantic University's College of Engineering Computer Science

The 2014 Faculty Areas of Expertise was designed for Florida Atlantic University's College of Engineering & Computer Science.

The booklet was designed as a quick reference book to inform students, staff and fellow university professors of CECS's faculty specialties and areas of research.

The booklet was designed to be handed out in CECS's Information folders, which also included the Fact Book (annual report), a graduate resource flyer, and departmental brochures.

Photography by Justus Martin
The booklet and folder use the same iconography language. While the folder uses the icons to represent the commonality of tools used across departments, the booklet deconstructs each icon to represent specialty, and research.
A rigid and repetitive grid system is used across the booklet for referential purposes. The booklet is intend to be used almost as a phone book: the user goes in, gathers information, finds specific area(s) of research, and the faculty who specializes in it, and gets out.
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