Books of Cities Infographic

Infographic on books about cities. 2013

Books of Cities was feature on:
La Reppublica (Italy)
and endorsed by
Infographic Assignment.
Florida Atlantic University Spring 2013
Professor: Jeane Cooper
The goal of this assignment was to create an easily understandable infographic about any interesting topic.
Books of Cities measures the quantity of books, written in the English language, that refers to 10 major cities in the world between 1800 and 2000.
Although this infographic doesn't measure quantity exactly, it gives an overall idea of the amount of literature produced in each era about the same city. Information was gathered from Google's N-Gram Viewer, and the chosen cities were London, New York City, Rome, Paris, Chicago, Tokyo, Madrid, Beijing, Mumbai, and Cairo.
It was interesting to learn that interest in cities is always constant, while differing from era to era. Also, there's much to be said on historical facts, and books written about cities.
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