Butcher's Delight

Experimental Typography & Photography

Typography Exploration Assignment
Florida Atlantic University Spring 2013
Professor: Tammy Knipp
Butcher's Delight is a typographic and photographic experiment.
The letter M was carved from Spam canned meat and the photograph was taken from an iPhone 4.
The assignment was typographic exploration. The project turned into a funny way to approach "art".
I felt that by carving a big, juicy, oily meat M and photographing it with an iPhone would get the point across that art can be more than just a lovely piece to look at: art's essence is the idea behind it.
The words "eat eat" were added later as a word play. It can be read as Eat Meat, Meat Meat, Eat Eat, etc.

This work was submitted and accepted to the 2013 Florida Atlantic University Student Exhibition.

Based on the typeface Frutiger CE 65 Bold.
28" height X 36" wide, unframed
Thank you!
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